JDC Power Systems Inc.

We are an equipment supplier and systems integrator committed to providing leading-technology products, integrated installation support, superior service capabilities, aggressive shipping schedules, and competitive pricing to our customers. It is our goal to become the preferred electrical distribution and controls equipment, and service supplier in the industry. .Our commitment is to partner with customers to successfully configure, construct, install and support, their mission critical projects in North and South America.

Vision: To enable our customers to provide superior products and services, on an international scale, utilizing our pool of proven talent, delivering breakthrough innovations, thereby giving our customers a unique competitive edge. We strive to assist companies to master their most vital challenges and create cutting-edge, sustainable value.

innovations giving our customers a unique competitive edge enabling societies to master their most vital challenges and creating sustainable value. Values: Highest performance with the highest ethics.  Responsible: Committed to ethical and responsible actions Innovative: Being innovative to create sustainable value

Our Values: Provide the highest performance with the highest ethics.

Our Corporate Responsibility: We are committed to the highest ethical standards and responsible actions.

Our Innovation Mission: To create sustainable value for our company, our employees and our customers through industry best practices and groundbreaking solutions.

JDC Power Systems services include:

  1. Supply of value-added electrical distribution and controls equipment.
  2. Support installations with rapid deployment of equipment and electrical supplies to customer sites.
  3. System Coordination Services (refer to.a.LINK JDC Technical Services and JDC Control System.
  4. Post-installation support and maintenance services.

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